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air cooled heat exchangers

API 661 air-cooled heat exchangers [ACHE] , often called AirFin or FinFan, are commonly used in industrial dry air-cooled heat exchange applications. 

Decometa selects the most economical, ecological and low maintenance solution for dry cooling or heat recovery installations:

  • Maximum heat transfer efficiency
  • Low fan power consumption, high performance fans
  • Low maintenance cost and safe construction
  • Low noise
  • Mechanical and thermal integrity
  • Corrosion resistance due to selection of materials, corrosion allowances and avoidance of air pockets.
  • Modular cells
  • Air recirculation to assure that in ay case the minium gas outlet temperature shall be maintained above or equal to a set temperature to avoid hydrates formation  , polymerisation or create freezing protection.

our scope

type of configuration:

  • A-frame condensers, Forced draught and  Induced draught API 661 Air-cooled heat exchangers.
  • Recirculation units
  • Complete A/C assemblies (including steelwork )
  • Pre-assemblies fully dressed modules

type of headers:

Plug box heat exchangers are suitable for a wide range of applications for cooling and condensing hydrocarbons and gases in small, medium and large plants.

A plug type header is a rectangular box construction with threaded holes where the plugs are tightened. Through these holes the tubes can be welded onto the tubesheet.

A plug is screwed into each hole, on the so called plug sheet.

Horizontally split headers may be required to accommodate differential tube expansion in services having high fluid temperature differences per pass. Plug headers are often used for the hydrogen- H2S service in petrochemical applications.

The coverplate heat exchanger is typical applied in the chemical industry. Bolted removable cover plates are used for improved access to headers in severe fouling services 

Headers are usually constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel, but sometimes more exotic alloys are used for corrosion resistance.