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Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs) for oil & gas, chemical and power industry often do not meet their designed cooling capacity in summer time.

We have the solution for revamping the capacity of air-cooled heat exchangers and condensers (Roof type ACC).

Our appraisal programme will steer you in the direction of inexpensive upgrades. Problems encountered in the air-side performance of air-cooled heat are discussed with particular reference to airflow measurement. The variability of the airflow in and around the plenum and tube bundle of forced draft exchangers is described, as well as the difficulty of using static pressure determinations as an indication of fan and system efficiency. The effects of airflow reduction and maldistribution on the thermal performance are also examined by reference to a typical forced draft exchanger in both condensing and cooling cycles. In each case the condenser is more sensitive to flow variations than the cooler is. Generally, the effect of flow reduction is more serious than maldistribution unless crosswinds become dominant.


By applying our appraisal services on a periodical basis:

  • the reliability of the cooling process will be improved due to the guaranteed airflow,
  • the operating costs will be reduced due to lower energy consumption,
  • the risk of process failure will reduce.


Within the Air-Cooled Heat Exchange sector we offer:


Assessment of the condition of existing Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers.

  • Review of Process and airside performance and efficiency of the bundles.
  • Mechanical survey.
  • Airflow measurement
  • Fan performance testing.
  • Reduction of cooling fan noise.
  • Thermography.
  • Vibration analyses and fan balancing.
  • Recommendations and proposals for revamping.

Revamping projects of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers ; improving, modifying, or re-structuring the cooling process in order to obtain improved (or increased) production from it. Implementing small and mean changes to the process or construction for the purpose of changing the operation or production of other products. 

Decometa offers valuable expertise to operators who are considering an upgrade or replacement solution for their heat exchanger.

Our thermal and mechanical assessment on your air-cooled heat exchanger will establish the best and most cost-effective upgrade within the limitations of your budget. Our experience with fin fans, fan drive motors and other aspects of air-cooled heat exchanger technology can make an air cooler upgrade a surprisingly successful option even if it is just a tube bundle upgrade.

Older existing fans are often noisy or obsolete. An outdated cooler can be modified to cope with a higher heat load, while still meeting the increasingly stringent industry standards for noise and vibration levels, by applying the correct engineering solution and using an up-rated drive with increased power electric motors.

  • process side heat transfer enhancement, 
  • bundle upgrade, 
  • re-tubing.
  • delivery and installation of the upgrades. 
  • verification and supervision on cleaning of air-cooled heat exchangers.