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Thermal Performance testing and Optimizing


Assessment and upgrades of air cooled heat exchangers -Thermal Performance Testing

Air cooled heat exchangers are subject to reduced performance due to age, poor design, process and poor airside distribution, fouling, mechanical problems and many others factors. Simple mechanical modifications and the selection of the right fan will already result in a higher airflow and not necessitate changing the complete bay or tube bundle.

DECOMETA provides an unique and a total concept for optimizing or debottlenecking industrial air cooled heat  exchangers. Our integral approach will allow you upgrading or retrofitting your air-cooled heat exchangers.

Our program starts by surveying the actual performance of the end-user‘s Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger. Our assessment on the condition of your Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger will lead us to the most beneficial choice of improvement within the clients’ budgetary restrictions.

By implementing our technical solutions, the heat duty can be increased through relatively little investment and give the end-user the opportunity to prevent future operational problems using clearly described operation conditions.

Our services will help the end-user to make energy savings and better understanding of the functioning of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.

Upgrading your Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger without major investments is our goal!